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Welcome to On the Road

Many years ago I wrote a newsletter column called On the Road. The column lusted after literary credibility by borrowing (stealing) the title from Jack Kerouac's novel. But in fact, it sunk to the rambling and muttering that is the fate of virtually all running-related writing.
The rambling and muttering continue here in quasi-blog form. My writing and interests (links) are random, personal, and ad-free. Dave Smith.

Love is a snowmobile racing across the tundra and then suddenly it flips over, pinning you underneath. At night, the ice-weasels come. [Matt Groening] [more quotes]

Summer Movies

This past winter I picked up via Free Recycle three cartons of movies on tape from someone who once worked at a video store. Before Miriam and I left for our June Week in North Truro, we went through the boxes and selected about 10 we "might" watch. Evenings on the Cape are our time for watching old/bad/unseen/unwatchable/ok/good movies.
We started with Humphrey Bogart's "We're No Angels" but lasted less than 10 minutes. Perhaps if one is a huge Bogart fan . . .
Next was "Wizards," a science fiction / fantasy effort from 1987. Unwatchable. Less than 10 minutes on this one too.
On the last day we lasted less than a half hour with "Victor / Victoria." Perhaps a big hit, but it was putting us to sleep.
In no real order, we got through these:
Six Days / Seven Nights (Harrison Ford and Anne Heche)
Legends of the Fall (Brad Pitt)
Butterfly Effect (Ashton Kucher)
Shining Through (Michael Douglas, Melanie Griffith)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Desperately Seeking Susan (Madonna)

The winner of this bunch? Desperately Seeking Susan.

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